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A preschool program is offered for twelve months prior to starting school. Elizabeth East Kindergarten educators work closely with outside agencies delivering specific programs for individual students. The occasional care (OCC) sessions are integrated with kindergarten sessions. The OCC program is provided for children of two to four years of age.

Kindergarten Sessions:

Monday/Tuesday group 8:00-3:00

Wednesday/Thursday 8:00-3:00


$100 per term.

Occasional Care

We offer a funded care service for 2 - 4 year olds in an integrated environment with sessional kindergarten.

Sessions offered:

Thursday mornings            8.45-11.30am

Thursday afternoons          12.00-2.45pm


$1.50 (concession) $5.00 (no concession) per session, payable on the day

Contact the kindy for bookings or further details.


There are a number of Playgroups offered in and around the Elizabeth area.

Contact the kindy and speak with one of our staff who will be only to happy to assist.

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